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Ronnie Overgoor

Nominated chairman of year 2014, 'tiring-deadly-good speaker' and Boss 7 Ditches TV




★ Golden Award New York Festivals (graduation CD-i, 1994) ★
★ Online Media personality of the Year (nomination, 2009) ★
★ Entrepreneurs Book of the Year (with book 'Entrepreneurial Lessons from an Internet Cowboy', 2011) ★
★ Top 3 Top speakers Week of the Entrepreneur (2013) ★
★ DeMedia100, list of 100 most influential people in Dutch media (2013, 2014) ★
★ Chairperson of the Year (nomination, 2014) ★


Ronnie was the last century, as director of one of the largest Internet companies in the Netherlands, an integral part of the internet hype. Since 2004, Ronnie active as chairman, presenter and speaker. He is the initiator of the online television channel for entrepreneurs 7 Ditches TV (


If nominated chairman of year Ronnie belongs to the top of Netherlands. With his enthusiasm, high energy level, infectious humor, focus on the content and relaxed interaction with the audience Ronnie consistently scores very highly in both the organization, speakers and visitors of conferences, events and award ceremonies.

Ronnie combines the roles of chairman and expertly like that of discussion and debate leader on stage and in TV studios. Sharp, but always respecting the guardrail.

Presenter / Talk Show Host

Ronnie now has many years of experience in the presentation and interview subject. Already in 2005 he started his first online talk show Pitchtalk, after he was seen several years on TV to talk transmitter and Interview with 7 Ditches TV, its own online TV station Ronnie already interviewed many hundreds of guests from home and abroad .


"What do all the technological innovations well for me as an entrepreneur? What are the effects of the Internet on my company? I must do something with social media as an entrepreneur? How do I deal with all IT changes such as cloud computing? "

In a breathtaking pace Ronnie takes entrepreneurs into the world of tomorrow and show them that it is today perhaps already begun. With his performance "business in a changing world 'Ronnie grabs all halls and now he opened the eyes of tens of thousands of entrepreneurs.



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